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Message from the President

TADASEIKI GROUP specializes in the manufacture of dies and molds (hereafter "dies and molds" will be written as "molds" for short). I have succeeded my predecessor as the President of TADASEIKI GROUP.

Molds may look like mere lumps of metal, but they are important tools and a key driver of productivity for our customers. In repetitive production and consumption world, today, it would be significant to bring suitable and sustainable molds for efficient production.

On a yearly basis, our Group manufactures around 500 molds. Each one of them is valued individually by our users and it has a decisive influence on each customer's productivity.

Thanks to the confidence and trust from our customers and in order to keep the quality of our work, we do strive for the continuous improvement.

I inherited from my predecessor not only the Group itself, but also a responsibility for our products, for its future use. That is to say, our activity should contribute for our customers, its users and also our society. To these ends, I would sincerely appreciate your future guidance and consideration.

Norio TADA

Molding professional,


Our molds are used in the wide range of sectors.
So-called "impossible project" in the past had also been dealt with our development team as we do try such challenging issues. Please feel free to ask us for any question/comment on molds for your new project or an improvement of functionality in your products.

*For our customers' confidentiality, we are sorry for not putting any detailed product photos. Thank you very much for your understanding.